There are few features I dislike more than "inline autocomplete", which is what Chrome does when you type in the address bar.

Are there studies on the distracting effect of those features?

From personal experience, I sometimes lose my train of thought because Chrome changed what I was typing to some random correction.

Side note: The Chromium dev team refuses to provide a way to turn this off, cf. issue #334300, from 2014.

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It's not distracting, it's helpful. Every usability test I have seen shows increase in task completion and finding your choice.

Here is a good article about the patterns for different uses.


  • Ah, but you're only talking about autocomplete features; those are great. But what about inline autocompletion? On the link you provided (great examples btw), none of the suggestboxes change the contents of their textbox until the user picks a suggestion.
    – Manu
    Jul 27, 2016 at 5:47
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