We were working in a system interface refactoring here on our web-based and its Android-based system when a question was raised: dealing with the following options in a report filter: "ALL USERS", "ACTIVE USERS" or "INACTIVE USERS", which would be the suitable component to inquire user?

  1. A radio button with the 3 options
  2. two checkboxes with "ACTIVE USERS" and "INACTIVE USERS"
  3. a select menu with all 3 above options.

I'm not asking dev-based opinion, but the best choice based on web patterns and HCI conventions.

Thank you in advance.

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Radio buttons with all 3 options

This is a very common scenario, and many sites use either select or radio buttons interchangeably. However, it's recommended to have all options visible at all times, not to mention radio buttons take only one click, while select requires click-->travel-->select

If possible, use radio buttons rather than drop-down menus. Radio buttons have lower cognitive load because they make all options visible so that users can easily compare them.

In case you have less than 7 options you should consider using radio buttons. Your users will be able immediately scan how many options they have and what each of those options are, without clicking (or typing) anything to reveal this information.

You can see more at Radio Buttons UX Design


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