I work for a company and we build all of our applications in house. We are world wide and so I have been trying to push our user testing over seas. All of my prototypes are developed in UXpin. I thought I found the perfect application, loop11.com, to do the oversea user testing. I set up all my test, but it would not load UXpin within the site. After a lot of emailing back and fourth they say I need to get a snippet of java from UXpin to insert into my prototypes to make it work. I am currently working on this step, but am starting to get into a time crunch with this testing.

I was wondering if anyone had done any overseas user testing and how they accomplished this. I am mostly working with China so there is 12 hours difference. I am not concerned about video.. most video testing I have seen makes you install a plugin. There is a large language barrier so I feel like the least amount of steps to prep for this test the better. What I really liked about Loop11 was they allowed you to set up scenario testing and then review the data by heat maps, pass fail criteria, and path analysis.

I am really looking for any feedback on how to accomplish this testing, or really how to even start this testing.

Any feedback is welcomed.

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You might want to try this:

  1. Export your UXpin prototype to HTML. (https://www.uxpin.com/studio/blog/export-prototype-to-html-pdf/)
  2. Now that you have the HTML version, include your loop11 snippet into the prototype
  3. Upload this onto a server.
  4. Send your users link to the uploaded prototype

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