I'm working on enterprise app that would be an one stop place for a few departments to store their dashboards and reports( or maybe different file types )

The Homepage shows the files listed on their date added. Every file contains tags that show the Product, Region and Business they are associated with.

One of the groups, whose app is a menu item, has an independent Dashboard and Report section that list their files respectively. Below is the home page

enter image description here

This is the navigation view showing Dashboard and Report sections. enter image description here

The user can apply filters to find Dashboards specific to a Business, Product or Region or all 3. The applied filters are shown on the top.

enter image description here

I want provide a mechanism that will save these filters and can be shown on the homepage as saved filter with some kind of visualization.

enter image description here

How can I save the applied filters and show it on the home page. How can the user on and off the filter?

  • Sorry, I don't get it. I understand that "Home" is the main (first) list. But what is the "Dashboard" page? A single dashboard? A dashboard construction page? What is the Type/Month switch doing? And why do you want to save filters on the home page? Should that be a filter applicable to all items on the home page? Maybe you'll get more responses if you reformulate the question. Jun 22, 2016 at 7:50
  • So imagine this to be Hub for different departments to come and add their content. Dashboard is one of the navigation items in menu if the app specific to one of the departments. I have updated the question with Navigation view.
    – Nodnin
    Jun 23, 2016 at 15:22
  • Nodnin, thanks for the edit. You say you want to "save [the] filters and [they] can be shown on the homepage" - but you probably don't want to show the filter alone, but rather an (existing) dashboard with the filter applied, do you? The filter appear on the Dashboard page of your drafts, that's why I ask. Do you want to filter data an one (or all dashboards), or do you want to filter the list of Dashboards? Jul 7, 2016 at 5:29

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What do you think of using a colored status bar, like GPS or phonecalls do on iOS. By using this bar, you could allow the user to edit the filter by taping on it, or provide a simple "remove" button to discard it.


  • Interesting idea. I'm considering it.
    – Nodnin
    Jun 23, 2016 at 15:25

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