I'm using a tooltip for a validation message and trying to weigh different design options.

I'm curious because in this walkthrough on using MaskedTextBox.ValidatingType, they go out of their way to suggest using ToolTip.IsBalloon = True, even though the distinction would otherwise be immaterial to the example.

Do Rectangular vs Balloon Tooltips afford different kinds of usages?

ToolTip Options

My guess would be that rectangular tooltips are more often used for supplemental information whereas balloons with an arrow indicate information directly related to a field or value.

Anybody have any input on the differences/usages?

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To me, the advantage of the balloon tooltip is that the small triangle points directly to the element that it relates to, which reduces ambiguity in a crowded user interface

You can argue the user knows where his mouse/finger is pointing, but one scenario it's actually useful for is disseminating screenshots that don't show the mouse pointer or supply amputated fingers as context

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