I have a set of markers on a map. when the user click on the marker, an Infobox opens up.

When the user clicks the Infobox, the app will open a streetview for that marker. However it is not intuitive that the Infobox is clickable (see image below).

What is a good UX to let user know that this infobox is clickable?

enter image description here

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You can show clickable text on your info-box, I think that will help user to understand the clickable thing more clearly.

something like this-

enter image description here


Actually information box is used to display info asserts, so making it click able will not be a good idea. Alternative to it, you can still use information box, but allow use to trigger street view through click interaction. Make sure button size on application are optimal enough. What is the optimum button size of touch screen applications?

Please see, image below as reference.

enter image description here

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