Usually when people go to a website (magazine) they are attracted to most read posts displayed in sidebar.

My solution: Most read posts (Trending) are in separate menu page (picture).


  • Has there any materials analysing it or website using that solution and why not?
  • What would be pros and cons compared to other solutions displaying most read posts?
  • Main question considering that solution would be if users would be willing to navigate to a separate page to view top content or not (why are posts usually displayed in sidebar)?

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    That sounds like an experiment waiting to happen. You could draw up some wireframes and try them out on usabilityhub.com – Andrew Martin May 23 '16 at 6:56

I would consider these things with your solution:

  • Do you think your users will navigate to a separate page to view top content? Are there other examples from different pages of that being an effective place for this type of content?
  • What language will you use for your "posts" and "categories." What kind of language invites people to click and learn more?
  • The best way to know how effective your solution is would be to test it with real people. Can you test out a few different options that you mocked up with people you know? Magazine website users aren't a very niche group so you should be able to find people in your office or friend group to tell you if they noticed the categories and posts based on position, page, styling, and copy.

What you're describing sounds a lot like facebook's trending topics. Your formatting is a bit different, but the idea of categorized "posts" is similar. You might find some inspiration from this:

Facebook Top Trends

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