1) I am writing here regarding one very important issue. Just imagine that you've downloaded a daily task manager mobile App. There are tones of these apps. I am quite confused, because some of them don't force you to log in and create an account. This got me wondering, is a requirement for the user to have to create an account bad from a UX perspective?

2) Many GTD apps ("Getting Things Done") have a lot of features and options to detail certain tasks, in order to break it down to smaller ones, schedule it if it has a hard due date, make an appointment by drag & dropping to “Calendar”
 and so on. Such apps are quite complex usually. In this case, from a user perspective is it better to (1) provide a sync/backup option in the app that forces the user to create an account or (2) provide the option of sync/backup up to a 3rd party such as Dropbox or (3) not offer the option at all?

3) If I am building a daily task manager app (light version of GTD app with an option to share tasks) as a user experience designer I have to work on a user flow diagram. Nowadays, the trend is to let users explor an app without signing up from the beginning. In such case, this app is not a shopping cart app (where user can explore first and once they proceed to checkout - sign in window will pop up). What/when is the best practice to keep/force user to sign in or register? What can you advice for an app like daily manager, which is mostly will be used by user to level up his productivity and track his tasks and time.

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  • Only question 3 falls within the scope of this UX site. The first two questions are about implementation, which would be better asked at StackOverflow – maxathousand May 20 '16 at 21:25
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    @maxathousand is right, only the last question belongs here. If you're just after a quick answer to the first two, then: (1) Yes, on the device itself (e.g. on iOS you could use NSUserDefault), (2) You're assuming a need to have to use a remote server - why? I don't think a single GTD app I've ever downloaded has required me to sync to a remote server (i.e. they can all be used without having to do this). As for your third question, refer to the answers provided here. Hope this helps. NOTE: I have now reworded the first two questions to make them fit better within this community – Monomeeth May 20 '16 at 23:05
  • Monomeeth, thanks a lot for your assistance and that you've reworded my questions. I will consider it for the future. – natalia May 22 '16 at 3:52

(The below answer addresses Question 3 only, as the first two are questions a better fit for StackOverflow)

Don't make your users create an account for things that don't need an account.

As a user, I shouldn't need an account until I want to do something that extends beyond my device (and maybe not even then).

I used to use a ToDo app called Orchestra. They had several features I could use with just the app and my device, such as

  • Creating/managing ToDo lists
  • Adding events to a calendar/setting due dates
  • Creating reminders

Show your users that creating an account is a benefit rather than an inconvenience.

In order to utilize the following "connected" features, I had to create an account.

  • Backup my tasks to their server
  • Sync my tasks/settings with another device
  • Share a task with someone else

As a user, that makes complete sense. My account is what they tie all of my data and settings to, and how I keep my data secure. Creating an account at this point in my interaction was a perk rather than an inconvenience.

  • Maxathousand, thanks for your answer. It has clarified things for me. – natalia May 22 '16 at 4:25
  • One more question: If there are requirements, that the app design should contain sign up & login. And I see that in many to-do apps such as "Any.do", "Wunderlist" there is sign up screen from the beginning in a way to sync data throughout all devices. But if I want to give user an opportunity to use the app as simple grocery list without signing him up yet. – natalia May 22 '16 at 4:35
  • Only when user will want to make a note/split and manage small tasks/use file-drop capabilities/share task with someone else (extend grocery list app to a gtd let's say) I will ask him to sign up. Is it correct way? For people who want to backup tasks to the server from the beginning, I will put this option somewhere in settings of the app, so it would be optional first. – natalia May 22 '16 at 4:36
  • I've splitted my question here, cause there were not enough characters. – natalia May 22 '16 at 4:37

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