I am looking for the most intuitive location for table specific functions.

In our webapplication, which is available on all devices, we display large amount of data in tables. The columns of these tables can be altered, the order of the headers can also be changed.

Next, we provide download (Export To Excel) functionality. On top of that, we would like to reserve some locations for future functions.

It is an angular application and we do our best to follow the material design guidelines.

I have tried two options so far, but both doesn't 'feel right':

  1. Place the buttons in a Fab-toolbar
  2. Placing the buttons on top of the table:

Table Actions

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Here is the answer. You should give such kind of option like filter, search,export to above the table. because if you keep it inside the table that you will have bad interface as well as you can't manage space properly. So here is the solution I usually use in my work and luckily my boss never refuse it to use !

enter image description here

  • We already have a filter by option. Not in a selectbox but in a collapsing sidebar. Due to the nature of some filters. But the filter by options is something we use to filter the content of the table. With the Column Editor we change the layout of the table. Imho these are two different parts. – Donniewiko May 3 '16 at 9:24
  • yes I know but I am just giving you idea that if any external filter will be there then table will have many options which will be difficult to manage inside table. so we can keep it outside of table. Every column might contain individual filter (i.e. internal) so just representing my idea about external filter and how search and export kind of functionality we can show. With this concept we can add more operations on table in future. – Jasmin Javia May 3 '16 at 9:30

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