I have a situation wherein I need to ask users on what day of the week an activity takes place. It can take place anywhere from 1-7 days, but for each day the user "activates", there must be a start and end time.

The best way I can think to accomplish this is: checkboxes that toggle on/off for days, and range slider with start and end times.

Does anyone have a pre-established solution, or examples in the wild of this kind of UI?

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This is how Microsoft Family Safety letting you configure time-limits for using the computer (for your child account). Checking the box toggles its configuration, user can drag mouse for multiple selection.

enter image description here

  • Sure, but I am only allowing a single start and end time for each day, which is much less complicated and probably doesn't necessitate a grid.
    – j_d
    Commented Apr 18, 2016 at 15:37
  • You can force this policy on the grid. I would like it better than using a check-box and slider combination.
    – Assimiz
    Commented Apr 18, 2016 at 16:03
  • Well, a grid with a forced policy as you said is essentially the same as 7 sliders stacked on top of each other with two endpoints each.
    – j_d
    Commented Apr 18, 2016 at 19:48

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