I have searched high and low and cannot find a comprehensive .sketch file (or any typeof file) containing all english language android keyboards with all possible states for a variety of device dimensions....

Examples of useful keyboards that I'd like to see in one place...

  • Alphabetic keyboard
  • Special Characters keyboard
  • Additional Special characters keyboard
  • Emoji keyboard
  • Telephone keyboard
  • Numeric Keyboard
  • Password Keyboard
  • Speech-to-text keyboard (+ waiting for speech, listening to speech, backspace focused, setting focused, cancel focused)
  • Other keyboards I've missed

Additionally, take any of the above examples (save for speech) and add as suffix:

  • ... with autocorrect on (+ autocorrect option focused, long pressed)
  • ... with autocorrect menu open (+ additional autocorrect option focused)

  • ... with initiate Search button (+ focused, longpress)

  • ... with Carriage Return Button (+ focused, longpress)
  • ... with Send button (+ focused, longpress)

  • ... with other little-green-action-buttons I've missed (+ focused, longpress)

  • ... with key(s) being pressed (+ long-pressed, i.e. regular key focused)

  • ... with key(s) being long-pressed (i.e. special characters)

Does anyone have a file such as this? It would be incredibly useful for prototyping and creating training materials.

If not, please vote up if you'd find it useful and I will create it and make it available.

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The closest I know to what you're looking for is Material Design UI Kit and Android Lollipop UI Kit Sketch Resource, both of them made by Ivan Bjelajac, but I doubt you'll find something with all possible states, so if you're in the mood for doing it, I'd say go on and do it!

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