I am currently working on a website where you can compare travels. Data for this website is being supplied via affiliate feeds so it's not being owned by the actual website. This data also includes ratings in the form of 1-5 so I guess a good option to implement this would be a star rating.

Now I want to display the feed of travel a user can select from directly on the frontpage but I am considering wether I should even show the ratings in the overview directly. There is no direct control over the ratings and obviously they want to sell any travel as much as the other.

If I won't implement it on the frontpage I will implement it on a single view of a travel where a single travel is highlighted. I'm guessing this could potentially bind a user to his choice ever so slightly because a user already made the decision to select that particular travel.

I want to get rid of the ratings in the overview because it really messes up the UI. It looks ugly when you have about 12 items per page and all of them include a 5 star rating system.

So, to hide the stars on the frontpage or not. Would it help people that much with their selection when they already have dozens or other options to filter and sort from?

Any thoughts on this?

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Typically users want quick answers to questions. Users want the good filtered from the bad. On a sales website you would not expect a travel company to expose a holidays negative points. A comparison site you would expect an immediate comparison in the form of a 1/5 or star rating. Then maybe 200 character synopsis. The user has already made a decision to connect to your website, already selected there criteria, now the want quick answers. Leave the look of the website to a UI designer. The ratings are good UX. Anything that helps the user stay on your website and make informed choices is good UX.

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