ER Diagram for Large Data Sets

Brief- The above image is the wire frame that I have created for a big data application, which provides functionality to see ER relation for selected repository/data source/tables. User selects repositories to filter the data sources, he can even filter till table level. When selection is done "on the top right side" he sees the create diagram button, on click he can see the ER relation for the selected data sets.

Proposed Design- In the canvas area similar to the Google Map ZOOM IN ZOOM OUT functionality can zoom in to any data set and user views the relation. he can simply select SOURCE CONNECTION POINT (source column) and then again by ZOOMING in or OUT can select the TARGET CONNECTION POINT (target column). The moment user selects the TARGET CONNECTION COLUMN pop up comes up and ask for type of relation. Colorful lines differentiate type of relation (find legends down there on image).


  1. My development team explored the feasibility of implementation with plugin where they found technical limitation for the Big Data sets. The UI is unable to handle for big data sets and gets sluggish or break.

  2. To solve the problem I restricted my user only to table level ER generation but the problem is still not solved as he can choose as many tables as he wants, and in that case again size of ER will be big.

Seeking Help- Any helpful suggestion is welcome (Seeking help from both Design and Development aspects)

  1. How can my user smoothly see relation for as big data sets as he want ?
  2. How can he simply make/edit/delete/maintain the relationship?
  3. All with Improved experience and better usability?

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