I recall that there is a technical term for the property of browser tabs at the top of the browser window having "infinite distance" for the user's mouse pointer movement, but I cannot recall what the proper term is.


The placement of browser tabs at the top of the page was popularized by Google Chrome:

enter image description here

IE 11 does not have this property: the tabs are along the address bar, so the user cannot just "throw" their mouse pointer at the top of the page, and must instead carefully select the tab, avoiding moving the pointer too far up.

enter image description here


The general name of this technique is the "Infinite Width" element.

According to the Fitts' Law, there are two parameters which affects the time of reaching a target: a distance, and a width:

enter image description here
enter image description here

Actually, the tabs in full-screen Chrome have infinite height, so you can use more specific name of the technique: "Infinite Height".
enter image description here

Still, the "Infinite Width" has better match to the Fitts's formulae.

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