I am stuck at layouting personal home page which intended to present me as software developer and R&D man.

I am definitely don't want geeky home page like famous https://www.jwz.org/ (scrolling green hexes on black screen as if you in 70') or typical professor at campus like http://www-cs-faculty.stanford.edu/~uno/ (with gifs as if you in 95').

Black on white, with some styling/typography, centered, with mobile view in mind it should guide reader about me, my projects, my articles, tips, cooking recipes, cats photos, my music scores etc.

I don't understand how to provide information on the page (which is simply links to actual information).

Should it be a links with short names like tips,blog,hacking,cooking or long like this is my tech blog, my grandma recipes or short with explanation text like My [link]2048 game[/link] AI implementation?

Should links be organized in single line or list or grouped into related sections?

Should I have TOC or sidebar or force reader to scroll down?

I made a sketch where I group links into 3 cols for wide screen and it looks bad and amateur (layout, we are not discussing colors).

enter image description here

Should I mark borders of sections and active regions or use just plain text, blue links and list circles?

Another my page I think have nice look:

enter image description here

but it doesn't scale well if say I have 10 grouping categories and 50 links.

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This forum isn't intended for critiquing or designing a specific site. That is too broad a topic, and to small a target to apply it to. We're here to discuss specific problems/solutions that apply to many places.

In that respect, your most relevant question would be:

Should I use long or short labels for links?

This depends on the type of link it is. If it's in a menu, pretty short. If it's in a tag cloud, short. If it's a link to a specific article or page, a bit longer and descriptive.

From the mockup I can't quite tell what you're going for, but you could have boxes that contain all 3:


Why Emacs is a nightmare

How to make soggy broccoli

What makes VIM terrible

My 'top' 5 grandma recipes

Notepad++? No, Bad, --

TAGS: cooking, coding, contempt

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