I'm getting more and more confused by the different job titles out there …

Especially the Interaction Designer is used indifferently I find regarding the visual design aspect. As per my understanding the IxD is responsible for the conceptual / functional design - delivering wireframes and prototypes. But here and there it seems that visual design is part of that role as well.

Is there a clear definition ?

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Here is a great article from fastcodesign that I think explains it really well.

Here is a an excerpt:


Remember the subtle bouncing animation when you pull to refresh in the Mail app on your iPhone? That's the work of a motion designer. Unlike visual designers who usually deal with static assets, motion designers create animation inside an app. They deal with what the interface does after a user touches it. For example, they decide how a menu should slide in, what transition effects to use, and how a button should fan out. When done well, motion becomes an integral part of the interface by providing visual clues as to how to use the product.

However, as with many of these 'newer' design roles, many people that work in these positions often wear a number of different hats - It can be difficult for a smaller company to justify employing someone solely for Interaction design. So you might find that a visual designer, or UI designer, or someone else is doing the role of an interaction designer and vice versa.

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