Ind.ie has come out with another iteration of their Ethical Design Manifesto, and I have noticed a lack of discussion around topics of this nature. I thought the most practical question to ask on looking at a manifesto such as this would be:

What are some examples or ideas of ways that we can implement or adopt the Ethical Design Manifesto (you don't have to answer for the whole thing)?

  • It's a good question, and a topic I've not really heard about. My first impression is that UXD occupies a similar concept space. Putting users first (though a design ethicist might note our propensity to call users 'users' and not 'people') using user-centric design would seem to cover the top portion of the ethics pyramid quite well. I think a good place to start looking for implementation points, is to ask "In what ways is Ethical Design different from UXD?", or "Where does UXD fall short of Ethical Design?" – dennislees May 18 '16 at 17:22

I think the first and foremost thing that we lack is awareness on this topic. As quickly we can take this from awareness to a discourse and have enough people understanding and appreciating it, there is a good chance this will become a framework which people look up to when they talk to there clients or anyone they talk to about design.

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    This is more of a comment than an answer to the question. – Mayo May 20 '16 at 15:02

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