We need to group login related links together under one header.


  1. Login/Sign In
  2. Forgot Password
  3. Register/Sign Up
  4. etc.

We need the word for this "Header".


I should have mentioned that we are making a document where we need a header for these links.

We don't need the term/word to put on actual page.


I typically group these under either:

  • "Account", or
  • "Authorization"

Login/Sign in, Forgot PW, and Registering all involve authorizing a person to take action on your site, and likewise, they all involve actions pertinent to a user's account.

And mind you, I am assuming these terms (especially "Authorization") do not need to be user-friendly.


What about a simple plain message like Welcome to Productname or just Welcome. If its a funky sort of site that can allow unusual header then you can try keywords like Jump In or Hop In or Dive In


It depends upon factors, Who are the target audiences?, What are their age group?, Why are you making this website? ...

So lets say this is just a social website:

it can be used:

1: Let's Get Started!

2: Get In

3: Get Connected ...


If you cannot decide, then why not run an A/B Testing on the text to see which one works best for your website? A few people have given good options, but all very different, so a test is probably worthwhile.

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