I'm redesigning an admin portal. Right not we have A LOT of index tables with Edit-Delete buttons exposed on the table.

Some of the team members want to change the pattern: remove the edit-delete from the table, move the Delete to each specific page and use the item name as a link to Edit.

I'm trying to make a very objective decision. Other than frequency of deleting, what would be good reasons to keep Edit-Delete exposed?

enter image description here

  • DaniP, did you got the anwer to your question? Mar 1 '16 at 12:08
  • yes! thanks :) it actually helped to take a decision
    – DaniP
    Mar 2 '16 at 14:18

Per-line Edit Button makes sense when

  • When all the attributes of a row are shown,
  • and Editing is happening inline.

Otherwise per-line edit button doesn't make sense.

Similarly, Per-line Delete Button (whether it is a button or a cross mark) makes sense when

  • A row (record) is either too trivial to ask for a confirmation. For example, removing a notification from a list.

  • Or the other extreme when a record is not trivial (other extreme) to delete and a specific information needs to be shown in the confirmation box before actually deleting the same. For example, when you delete a user you might want to show a confirmation box having specific info for that user

This user still has pending dues worth 400 INR, would you still want to delete him?

Hope this helped.

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