When it comes to decide what camera to buy, or any other complex product, within hundreds of other choices, users could use comparison tools to make their decisions. Infographics seem a great way to do that and I am studying their role in creating better user experiences when purchasing online. Do you know of any existing successful website that helps users with infographics to make a decision online?

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You can find the product compare feature commonly in ecommerce shops that sell products like computers and phones, where features tend to be a major selling point.

e.g. http://www.priceme.com.sg/Compare.aspx?t=js&pids=892084945,892804658

If you consider bar graphs to be infographics then this would be an example.


Infographics aren't a great mechanism for this. They don't allow for easy comparison of complex products. Here are some designs that are good for this:

FitBit's Find Your Fit for wearable devices


  • Sorts devices by behavior-centric categories: Everyday, Active, and Performance
  • Allows selection of devices in order to compare
  • Enables effective comparison through visuals


  • Comparison interaction model for devices within lifestyle isn't terribly clear (clicking a device shows its capabilities)
  • Photos distract from the comparison
  • Different comparison organization for lifestyle and device comparisons (highlighted horizontal list and categories grid with checkboxes, respectively)

Google Compare for credit cards


  • Clear explanations of comparison criteria that users may not understand (Intro purchase APR, Regular APR, and Recommended credit score)
  • Enables users to quickly scan option set by effectively combining text and imagery
  • Detail views are visible with list view


  • Granular filtering is more difficult than necessary due to the use of radio buttons rather than checkboxes

Hopefully this is helpful. If not, can you provide a more details as to what you're comparing and a rationale as to why you want to use an infographic? Happy to update my answer.

  • Hi, thanks. I am looking for visual representations of data (quantities rather than qualities) that otherwise can be really hard work to read and understand when you want to compare different products
    – HUGOC
    Feb 5, 2016 at 14:42
  • Quantities of what? That's going to dictate what types of visualizations you use.
    – SwankyLegg
    Feb 5, 2016 at 16:30

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