Running into a case where I need the user to confirm the canceling of an action. Not sure what the correct text here is for the button. 'Yes' and 'No' make the most sense to me but the Material Design guide https://www.google.com/design/spec/components/dialogs.html# discourages that. Maybe I can change the main text? Anyway, what I have below is somewhat confusing. Any suggestions?

enter image description here

  • could you share more details about the particular actions? – BatlaDanny Feb 2 '16 at 9:44
  • Cool question! I like it a lot :) – mikryz Feb 3 '16 at 0:59
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    This question seems like a duplicate of this very popular existing question – Kit Grose Feb 3 '16 at 1:22
  • @BatlaDanny think of it like canceling an order. you've requested it but you have the option of canceling it – ono Feb 3 '16 at 4:59
  • @KitGrose yep, good find – ono Feb 3 '16 at 5:00

There are two options to consider:

  1. Reword the answers. I guess, when you need to cancel "this action", that action has an actual name. Then the opposite of canceling is keeping it. Then the popup may state something like this:

![enter image description here

  1. Another option is to cancel the action and then provide a non-modal popup to undo the cancellation.

enter image description here

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  • I like the 'Keep'. Might go with that. – ono Feb 3 '16 at 4:59
  • @ono After further consideration I've updated my mockup to match your original question, rather than rephrasing it. – mikryz Feb 8 '16 at 18:37

Confirmations must not ambiguous. The user must not try to interpret what the options will do. Make each option as specific and clear as possible. Also, omit unnecessary words.

For example if the action of the user is the deletion of a record, the message dialog should look something like this :


download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

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  • The problem itself is 'Cancel' it generally means to cancel the pop-up – ono Feb 3 '16 at 5:00

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