I am creating a sports app where the users can track their practice for a specific aspect of the game. In my menu, I'd like an icon next to it to convey its meaning (and I have an icon for every other entry in the menu).

Right now I am using the Material Icon from Google "border color". I chose this because that function of the app creates a new entry for their practice stats. I'd rather have something that signifies the action of practicing rather than the function of the app.


There's currently no (wide-spread) specific symbol for practice or training, at least not for self-practice. There's something for training/schooling, but I don't think that's what you're looking for:

enter image description here enter image description here
(source: epiloguesystems.com)

In this context I'd focus more on the tracking aspect, i.e. progress, which can be shown with graphs and charts, so you could use those as a symbol in the menu:

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

If you strongly want something that specifically mentions repeated actions and improvement, you could try making your own icon by combining symbols for those. For example circular arrows plus a shooting target:

enter image description here

But something like that, combining two ideas in one icon, quickly becomes cluttered and confusing.


Your best option isn't to use an icon at all, especially for such an ambiguous option. Your clearest option for the user is to actually use the word Practice. There is no icon that's universal in even the slightest sense that would symbolize "practice" to your users.

Icons should only be used when there is a universal understanding behind them, and believe me, there are far less of these symbols than people realize and unfortunately use in websites and apps.

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