How would you implement filtering in MD data table? Sorting, paging and searching is obvious but I need more complex filtering.

Should I put the filters on the table title or create a separate filtering section on top of the table (using cards for each filter for example)?

What I'd like is something like this: https://ux.stackexchange.com/a/38533/78885

enter image description here


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If you need complex filter consider creating a separate section. Perhaps a "actions" section on top of the table where users can not just filter but perform other actions to interact or modify the table.

Here is how Airtable does filter for complex spreadsheets. Some visual design improvements could be done, though.

enter image description here

Here is another example, from Toggl. Although it's not a data table it's the same concept of filtering data.

enter image description here

Your approach with dropdowns and inputs are essentially the same and seems pretty good.

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