I'm working on an commerce platform which needs account functionality | sign in/register | shopping bag/cart - standard stuff for such a website. The stakeholders are very keen to group all of that functionality into one icon, preferably under a cart icon in a pop out menu [Apple.com is the model they like], is this a good idea?

[I don't think it is but I'm open to being wrong] Apart from the fact that users might not be able to find their account/login/logout functionality, I'm wondering what the impact on accessibility would be.

I'm pushing for A|B testing . . .


NOPE. Do not do that!

Its not at all a good signifier/affordance.

A good experience is all about "Expectation vs Outcome"

When a user sees a cart icon, he expects to visit the summary of the cart. And when the outcome is indeed that, you have accomplished a great seamless experience.

But when he expects a cart and the outcome is account info, it leads to "expectation-outcome mismatch". A very bad experience.

  • And of course, worst case scenario, do push for a A/B test. And ensure that each click is being tracked! So that you indeed will have data. Mar 29 '16 at 9:57

A huge No, why would you want to group your account information under the cart icon. The cart icon is used to access your purchased items. I don't want a pop up to show when I clicked on the cart icon, I want it to take me to my purchased items and checkout. If you do that you risk losing customers when they are about to checkout.


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Use the user icon to group your account information.

  • Thanks for your comment/feedback - you have vindicated my point of view [which is really gratifying]. Unfortunately the business stakeholders that I am working with don't agree. I registered my objections with explanations, but to no avail, implementation is going ahead.
    – user78786
    Feb 8 '16 at 13:53

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