I want to send by email the event location (location name + address with exact latitude / longitude). I know the full address and the exact lat/long values. I could send out:

  1. A google maps link (https://goo.gl/maps/8qbWJB44Gt42)
  2. OSM link (http://osm.org/go/0BOdUm3V1--)
  3. Geo URI : (geo:48.85812,2.29381?z=18)

The problem is that the first two work fine on desktops and most (in my experience) phones with an active data connection, since they depend on a web based service (Google Maps and OSM respectively). The geo: method is service independent - the location is completely encoded. However, desktop browsers don't handle it.

So the question is: what is currently the best way to share location when the target audience can be on desktop or mobile.

  • Not sure we're the best audience to answer this. Sounds like an implementation about what the best cross-device solution is for map display. Jan 7, 2016 at 19:08

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The solution which is very simle and works fine in any case, is:

enter image description here

Eiffel Tower (see on map)
5 Avenue Anatole France
75007 Paris


  • An address
  • A link to the map
  • An map fragment as an image
  • If they really need and know how to cope with lat/lon, you can add these, too (for most users these mean nothing)
  • Accepting your solution, because it solves the problem for the most part. I am not including the map thumbnail image, instead three lines as you have written with geo: URI at the end.
    – kabZX
    Jan 21, 2016 at 6:45
  • I came across this site, which is how Wikimedia sites handles locations: tools.wmflabs.org/geohack/…
    – kabZX
    Feb 3, 2016 at 11:10

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