I'm a psychology undergrad and I've done a number of research papers, but not much has to do with UX, though a few (not all) have to to with HCI and the sociology of social media.

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    If you do include it, be sure to describe what you did in terms that will be meaningful to your current readers. Don't expect potential employers or colleagues to be able to work out the relevance of your research to UX, even if it's clear to you. If your work is in a field particularly distant from UX (clinical interventions, animal research), also focus on the transferrable skills that you used, not just the results.
    – octern
    Dec 30, 2015 at 2:16

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I think it is very beneficial as it demonstrates you can do your own user research. I would insert it below the primarily relevant information under the "Additional skills: User research etc".

NB: I mostly operate in Europe, so the standard and mentality may differ.

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