The Google material design is new, I like to know how you call this menu element, or how will you name it: enter image description here

The page link:https://developers.google.com/ios/guides/cocoapods

**The item we are talking about is located in the sub head area.

In this link it works like menu, and has a class name "nav-tab-list". In some other material design site it works like just a tab(will not target to different page).

  • Does it need a new name? If it is a link to a new page, I would refer to it as a menu item; if it is not, then I would refer to it as a tab. Commented Dec 22, 2015 at 9:19

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It is a tab, styled according to the Material Design guidelines as you hinted.

According to the Navigation Pattern from Google:

Tabs allow users to quickly move between a small number of equally important views.

Appropriate for these hierarchies:

  • Parents with embedded child views

  • A group of sibling views

Recommended for:

  • Frequent switching between views

  • Apps with few top-level views

  • Promoting awareness of alternate views

In this case, I would say that it corresponds to Apps with few top-level views. While MDL was created mainly for applications, most concepts can be applied to a regular Web site. You may have to adapt things here and there.


As the name 'nav-tab-list' or Navigation tab list also suggests, these are basically navigation elements in tabs or call it Tab elements or simply Menu items.

Also, there are basically two elements in a tab, Indicator(White bold line in your case) and Label. Nothing more to it, I think.

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