I'm doing a form field on an app and need to included a drop down at the end of some of the text fields. For the android version I'll be using the material design standard as below.

enter image description here

I see that iOS doesn't endorse using a drop down but would show i picker instead. How do I visually indicate on the form that a picker control is going to be opened on a form field from a certain link or icon?


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If you choose the picker, the iOS Human Interface Guidelines state that you should place it inline with the content:

As much as possible, display a picker inline with the content. It’s best when users can avoid navigating to a different view to use a picker.

But unfortunately this wastes a lot of precious space, I am not sure why Apple would prefer this over a simple dropdown. But if you have the space it should be ok.

An alternative that I can imagine to work for you would be using a list element which opens a table view with mutiple options: enter image description here

Or just display the picker in this new view, if you feel it is really necessary.

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