I don't know if this is the right place to ask for feedback on something I'm working on but it'd be great if I could have your expert thoughts.

I drive people through PPC to the page below because I want to make contact with them and get their business. What flaws do you see in the user experience that stops them from filling in the form? http://www.responsewebrecruitment.co.uk/save-thousands-on-recruitment-care-worker/

Thank you!

  • You could reword the question to be about the amount of content on a page, or the options available to the user – Yvonne Aburrow Dec 8 '15 at 13:28

You should try to minimize effort put in by the customer by making the fields in your form drop-downs instead of input text, if there are a fixed set of values for answers.

Even better would be to expose options instead of hiding them in a dropdown (if they are few in number). eg.

Courtesy: goodui.org (Courtesy GoodUI.org)

Even if they aren't, you could definitely offer suggestions as they type. This will help if there are multiple options to enter. eg.

Like stackexchange does it..

Further resources

GoodUI.org is a nice read for those trying to make forms better.


first impression is that there is far too much text on the page. the header is long, and so are all the sentences - ask a short question and answer with a short reply. i would ask for fewer details - anything you can ask over the phone or email doens't have to be a field - because every additional field lowers the response rate. some of the questions are long and not straight forward - and can also lead to a discussion you should not miss (how fast are you looking to recruit - why so long/short term? what is the buisness necessity - start a good sales conversation). the bottom text is too thin and pale - make it bigger/bolder/change color to a more readble one. hope it helped :)

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