I am planning on doing a baseline user survey this holiday season to assess where we are at before starting the entire user experience tests and study.

I think the following questions are a good starting point (baseline) for our entire UX study. I have had one stakeholder express that the questions are too generic and will not really produce good enough results.

I have used these same questions for a baseline test at my previous post and would like to know if anyone else uses these questions or similar ones. Thanks.

Look at my survey preview

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    Suggestion for improving the answers: use a Likert scale or a slider instead of a dropdown. Commented Dec 8, 2015 at 13:50
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    Thanks for the responses! I will go ahead and change it to the Likert scale and will consider the question ordering and rewording from below.
    – UX.DevDude
    Commented Dec 8, 2015 at 14:23

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I would recommend that to sharpen the focus on question 8 ("How long did it take to find what you were looking for?") and use phrasing more like "When you were looking for something, how long did it take you?" I would move the current question 8 immediately after question 4 to give the survey respondent context for their answer.

I would then reduce the number of possible answers for this question from 6 to 4 - removing choices that are difficult to discriminate (e.g. "A lot less time" and "A little less time"). Often when I am performing user testing I will use a Likert scale that includes 5 items (on a scale of, for example, 0 to 4). I find it's easier for users to respond to fewer items on the scale - especially if there are many questions as part of the testing.


I updated the survey based on some talks I had with some stakeholders and also considering what was posted on this question. Here is the most current version.

Here is the updated survey*

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