I'm wondering if it's good UX in iOS to have a UITableViewCell (table cell) that is both navigable (meaning that tapping it will open another screen) and also embeds a UISwitch (switch).

Let's take the example of the Personal Hotspot setting under the Settings app. Imagine that this table cell (circled in red) is also navigable and has that switch on the right side of the cell.

Personal Hotspot

Would you consider this good UX? I've tried looking through all the Settings app and I couldn't find any example where a table cell is both navigable and has a switch. All cells either have a switch, either this > (right arrow) on the right side of the cell, to indicate that it's navigable.

In my opinion it's not good UX, because:

  • It's not clear for the user that the table cell is navigable. (there's no visual indication of it)
  • It's very easy to want to tap the switch and slightly miss it, therefore unexpectedly changing the screen, which can be annoying.

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Is it good UI to put a button on top of another button? You run the risk of missing one and pressing the other.

In this case, make a enter image description here button next to the switch to go to the settings. Or something along those lines.

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