In the app that I am designing, the user has to enter a verification code. Here I use a simple text field with a hint and no floating labels because there is no way to lose context of what you are doing. There is a line above of text above the text field reminding user of what they are entering.

In other place, where the user enters personal details like first and last name, I plan to use floating text fields. This is because the user may have to enter a lot of fields and it would be better to remind them of what they are doing.

However, does the mixing of floating text field and a normal one show bad design?

Should I just use one type of text field everywhere?


Simple text field:
enter image description here

Floaty text field:
enter image description here

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1) Floating text fields (which I assume you mean the pattern where the label moves/slides up), help a lot in saving real estate, making the form cleaner, and yet giving context on what input the user is giving. So as we see, it solves a purpose. Not only focus retention as you mentioned.

2) In your case, its totally fine, if you are using them to simplify form entries. And in case like a single input (verification code example) - you can surely go with a fixed form label.

3) You could do few things to maintain consistency:

  • Have the same input field element design
  • If possible, try placing the label (in verification scenario), the same way, as in once the label slides up (in your form design case).

4) Lets remember, helping a user fill the form or make an entry easily is the goal. If making it look beautiful/good is coming in the way, do not just judge by it.

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