I tried to define the follow gestures in a remote desktop app. (Native Touch vs. Cursor Mode) I am worried that the two finger behaviors are too difficult.

One-finger (native touch)

  1. One-finger tap = left-click
  2. One-finger long-press = right-click
  3. One-finger double-tap = double-click
  4. One-finger tap & press = drag-and-drop

Two-finger (cursor mode)

  1. Two-finger pan moves mouse cursor around
  2. Two-finger tap = click at cursor location
  3. Two-finger long-press = right-click at cursor location
  4. Two-finger double-tap = double-click at cursor location
  5. Two-finger tap & press = drag-and-drop at cursor location

The question

Which published standards can I use to assess whether this is a standard implementation, or to conduct a heuristic review?

  • On which platforms are you delivering this? iOS, Android, Windows, or all?
    – JeromeR
    Commented Nov 10, 2015 at 10:13
  • 1
    I think your first question is, what do you want to achieve with it - does it really need to be "hidden" by a gesture, as gestures are impossible to guess and depend entirely upon the previous experience one had with touch devices of a specific platform (as JeromeR correctly asks you to identify the platform as there are some "patterns" for each) and also requires cognitive load to remember which ones work where - So, if possible, try to omit them alltogether and try to see if there are things that provide these invisible actions by other means. Or if not, provide instant feedback on interact.
    – Xabre
    Commented Nov 10, 2015 at 11:39

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If you are only looking for resources to review and compare against, I would suggest looking at most popular devices in the market today. Below is the list I was able to find:

  1. Windows Touch Gestures Overview
  2. New gestures you have to master to tame Windows 10
  3. Use Multi-Touch gestures on your Mac
  4. Google Design Patterns - Touch

Here's an illustration of various gestures—but not necessarily what these gestures do. Does this help you to search/research/ask questions?

I just found this illustration as the answer to a different question.

Stencil of touch gestures

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