Customer specification require us to show a list of items (let's say they are a list of fruits), where only some of them are able to display a details section when the user clicks.

I'm looking for a visual asset that would make the user notice that out of all fruits, those with that visual aid can be clicked to go to a details section.

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I would suggest a visual indicator that the element is clickable, for example a different font color or background and for example a "+" sign to expand a section for more details.

enter image description here

  • This approach is pretty common practice, but keep in mind the "plus" icon could be interpreted as an "add" or "zoom" action if it is used in that context elsewhere. I would personally recommend using an angle/arrow/caret icon as seen in Lucas M.'s answer, as these icons typically mean that more information or content is available. A pretty good reference for this can be found in this article Mar 30, 2018 at 16:05

You could either have an icon that represents "more info", ie:

enter image description here

or you could have a slightly set apart list item that is just subtle enough for the user to notice:

enter image description here


Lets say your list of items is a collection of objects which could be represented by an icon, for instance if it is a list of fruits, they can all be displayed with a respective fruit icon. Now for fruits which can be expanded to view details, say Mango, display a variant version of the mango icon when it is hover over. (May be a bunch of mangoes, or sliced mangoes,....)

So imagine a list of fruits represented by fruit icons and as you hover over, the ones with more information to detail show a change in their display icon which gives a subtle hint to the user that there is more to this item.

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