In the Material permissions request patterns guidelines, there is the following example.


Wondering what that bottom component is (the one with "No Thanks" and "Try it" buttons).

  • Could be a Snackbar, but guidelines clearly state 0-1 actions and these has 2.
  • Could be a Modal Bottom Sheet, but it's not really a list or a grid and it doesn't come up as a result of user interaction, so again, seems contradictory to the guidelines.

As a matter of fact it's one of your links: It's a dialog on a Modal Bottom Sheet:

Modal bottom sheets are alternatives to menus, or simple dialogs, and can display deep-linked content from another app. They appear above other UI elements and must be dismissed in order to interact with the underlying content. When a modal bottom sheet slides into the screen, the rest of the screen dims, giving focus to the bottom sheet.

Your particular screen is the result of a previous action (map search) and the original screen is the one below (note the persistent bottom sheet):

enter image description here

Since you need to provide a permission, a dialog appears in a modal bottom sheet (it could be just a regular dialog as well)

Either way, to the risk of being repetitive, remember: Material Design is a set of guidelines, nothing else. It's not like if you do something different it will be necessarily wrong (I use the exact opposite to Material's button guidelines and it works way better than those guidelines)

  • I guess what confused me is that in subsequent descriptions, modal bottom sheets always seem to be referred to as containing "menu items", I had missed the dialog bit. – Alex Florescu Oct 11 '15 at 6:29

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