I have a menu, on the top, with a category dropdown. This is the only menu, which has a subitems. The main menu consists 4-5 item. Under categories will be 10-15 items aprox. Categories may have images/icons.

I'm thinking about three options, according to both UX and "fancy UI":

  1. The classic dropdown. I know it's simple, well known, but feels a bit boring. version 1

  2. Move down the whole content, slide down the top bar to display categories. It's not so boring, but could looks a bit odd with a narrow list. version 2

  3. Categories display next to each other, with sliding down menu. version 3

Looking for:

  • Working on mobile/desktop
  • Easy to use, overview with 10-15 items (ex.: horizontal version not seems good for mobile)
  • Not so classic solution

Feel free to suggest any other options.

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First thing to consider is dividing those 15 items in groups so each group have maximum 5 items Information should be easier to digest in small chunks rather than showing list of 15 items

I searched for different patterns on Google and found out few that might interest you

1) Yamm MegaMenu Accordian and List style dropdowns

list drop down megamenu accordian drop down menu

2) CodyHouse Mega site Navigation enter image description here

Hope my answer helps you

  • Thx, Categories won't be hierarchical, its like finance, healthcare, sport, childcare. Both is inspiring btw, I think I will go on with version 2!
    – Iamzozo
    Commented Oct 1, 2015 at 18:51
  • Keep in mind though that Information is easier to scan top to bottom and left to right.....You can also analyze how user interact with your sub-menu items and move the ones at top which are used the most... Commented Oct 2, 2015 at 4:45

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