Many action verbs have been used for confirmation or to pass information from one place to another especially for a social or forum-like website or app that people have options to comment.

So my question is this: Which is best to use on a forum or social site for users to commit the message they have typed in a comment box for other forum users to see Post, share , send , okay or apply?

EDIT: Also any usability study on this will be super helpful too


Best is something that makes completely clear what happens when you press the button.

It is good pratice to appoint the action and the subject while keeping it concise. A good example is right on this page: "Post Your Answer" is used instead of just "Post". If you apply to something use "Apply To …".

Be careful with terms like "Share Your Comment", as it has to be commonly understood what sharing means on your site (think of Facebook and the consequences it has when you “share” something). Same counts for something like "Send Your Feedback", because is it send to the server or by email and to who, and is this information really necessary? Keep it clear and simple.


The ideal one is Post or Share.

Commit refers to a Final change which one can rollback to as a Checkpoint.

Apply refers to a change they have recently made.

Send is often used in Messaging.

Okay is an affirmative action but doesn't convey what is going to happen unless you ask a question before.

Posting a comment makes most sense. But since it's a community, it's also sensible to Share your thoughts as a Comment.

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