I am currently designing an iOS app that is supposed to digitize a paper form. The problem here is that the task requirements makes the modal view nested. IE: A client (EG: Starbucks) has many sites (EG: Queens Street Branch) and each site has many contacts (Supervisors for each shift). How do I make it possible to create/update/retrieve/delete easily without using a lot of screen?

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    This may sound quip but I'm being serious. Start with hiring a designer or somebody familiar with designing UX. Commented Sep 1, 2015 at 17:25

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Sounds like you have a basic hierarchy and you are asking about navigation. These concepts are already laid out in the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. I suggest you read it through. Specifically the part about making one choice per screen until they arrive at their destination.

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How is it possible to do so "without using a lot of screen?" It sounds as if you are using drill-downs with the modal.

Most importantly you need to separate your thinking from the existing paper form and start thinking about how time sheets will be utilized on a mobile device.

  1. A modal pops up for Starbucks (originating from a list, or a map of a neighborhood, or whatever)
  2. App user selects a branch and gets a drill-down of positions and names which he can act upon. (Change entered hours, update shifts, change locations, etc...)

Your users will think of the data in a multitude of ways, you need to anticipate this and provide screens for these actions.

As a user I want to find who's working as head barista at <location x>
As a user I want to see everyone who is working <shift a> at <location x>
As a user I want to see the hours of <supervisor b> for <time period t>

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