If you have not heard of the 5 second test before please see the following two articles (below each quote).

Five seconds may seem like a short time, but in fact it is more than enough time for a website visitor to determine if there is enough quality in your website to stay, or to leave potentially never to return.
UIE article

Give users five seconds to look at an image or page-design and you get instant feedback on salient elements or problems in a design. If users can't find their way or orient to your design immediately, then this can be an early indication the design needs improving. MeasuringU article

My questions are:

  • Has anyone tried it?
  • How effective is it?
  • What would you use to try it?

Any other thoughts on the 5 second test in general or on mobile is appreciated, thank you!

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I like 5 sec tests but You can't get so much from 5 second test. it is more get OK test type and can be named as guerrilla kind of test. Trustworthy , company domain, service type can be questioned within 5 sec test.

Brand engagement and recalling name can also part of this test. It can be also used when you choose an image, logo or icon.

5 sec test can be also used for creating connotation map for search engines. the question example is "you are going to buy a baby fooding for your 6 month old baby. how are you going to search?"

The test has a scientific base in cognitive science.

The official normative ratings for the IAPS pictures were obtained from a sample of 100 college students (50 women, 50 men, presumably predominantly US-American) who each rated 16 sets of 60 pictures. The rating was carried out in groups using paper-and-pencil versions of the SAMs. Pictures were presented for 6 seconds each; 15 seconds were given to rate the picture. /dominance. Average valence, arousal and dominance ratings are available for the overall sample, men, and women.

Normative ratings were also obtained from children ages 7–9 years, 10-12, and 13-14. The rating procedure for children was mildly adapted; among other modifications, children were tested in classrooms, given instructions in a more child-friendly language, and they were allotted 20 seconds to rate each picture instead of 15.


The 5 second test is essentially evaluating the quality and appropriateness of the visual/graphic design. As such, it could really be applied to most any visually designed piece...be it a brochure, desktop web site, or a mobile app.

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