Content folks submitted a document for publishing containing outline sections having mixed roman and natural numbers.

II Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

1. frozen yogurts
1.1 vanilla
1.2 chocolate

2 shaved ice
2.1 vanilla
2.2 mango

Things came to a head when the content writer wanted me to show section numbers like II.1.2.

Is this a thing? Or am I right in feeling like this is a really bad idea for presentation? If a bad idea are there standards I can point to to show them that it's not just one developer's opinion?


I would agree with you. It is utterly confusing. I think mixing letters and numbers would work better. Because in your example II.1.2 could be misinterpreted as 1. frozen yogurts and 2. shaved ice and not chocolate. I have never seen such organizational hierarchy in place. Try: 1. Favorite flavor -a -b -c etc...

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