I was discussing with a friend about a healthcare application he is working on and he tell me about a UI his team was working on.

Users' task

The application is used by independent/self-employed workers (in France) and should help them declare on which part and side an injury took place.


The interface should help prevent declaration errors. As his question was "should we display the body from front or back view?" as the teammates had different opinions on which side was right/left?


Should he go for a mirror image or a 'shadow projection' ?

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If I were you I would let the user have a little "flip-toggle" that allows them to switch between both sides of the person. In this type of application being able to show both sides may be a necessity. If the user reports an injury directly in the center how would you know if its a sternum or spinal injury?

To differentiate sides (even if you dont allow flipping) label the hands to avoid confusion, then if you allow flipping draw a face and supply a front/back label. Like this: enter image description here

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    I would add that there is a possibility that the reported injuries may have occurred on the back or the front so allowing the user to flip is more likely to be a necessity. Aug 13, 2015 at 18:21

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