Currently we have an app with a number of features that fit well into a tab navigation bar below the action bar. Because of the vision of having more features in the future, business guys want to have just everything in a "Sliding Menu".

I'm quite aware of the problem of sliding menus and the low level of engagement of users for those "hidden features". I suggest keeping features into the tab navigation bar like now and in the feature probably have a sliding menu for the less frequently use features.

Finally, because they are still unsure about what's better, I suggested A/B testing. So, how long should we keep each navigation approach live to have a strong data to compare? The time for any A/B testing is the same of it changes depending of the nature of what we are testing?

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    – RobSeg
    Commented Aug 5, 2015 at 7:58

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Smashing magazine published a nice article about AB testing best practices and a link to calculator of audience you need to ensure your results are statistically significant.

Check these links:



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