We have a list containing say a list of employees and their % achievement of their target. The users want to be able to view details of their KPI's saying what would they achieve best case, what % of their revised target are they on, what percentile are they on etc. (think an expansion / accordion sort of thing). They dont want to leave the page to view each users details one by one.

Then the users want to be able to drill down and see the people who report in to this user to understand how they are performing and be able to same the same details as mentioned above for them as well (think a new page opening up, like next page for the drill down etc)

Is this recommended, i.e to have two actions from one list? Do you see a down side.

  • What would the alternative be, @Taji? – aparente001 Jul 28 '15 at 6:23
  • The alternative would be would be to have them click to go to the next page / show set of options - 1. Drill Down, 2. View Details. Depending on the selection we then take them to the view as desired by the user. A back button would enable the user to go back to the point where he / she initiated the drill down / view details. – Taji Jul 28 '15 at 10:15

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