I'm designing a UI for my calculator.

I've got a modulo function and a percentage of function. I started with a "%" button for the modulo, but now I need something different that clearly says "This will calculate the percentage". What should I use?

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Use the modulo function's abbreviated name

The abbreviation for modulo is mod.

The abbreviation Mod will fit on a calculator button, as illustrated on the right version:

enter image description here

This particular illustration is from a Windows Phone 7 calculator design, and the image itself came from this blog post about Modernist ("flat") user-interface design. In the image the "Rotate left" and "Rotate right" labels refer to something described in the blog post.

Then, use % for percentage

I just looked at your question again (did you rewrite it?), and noticed I didn't answer your question. But by implication, once you use Mod for modulo, then the % label is available for percentage. You can see this in the illustration, above.

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    interesting how different calculators use different sets of programmer, math and language symbols ( x *, / div-symbol). what does it say about the designer and user targeting? :)
    – rogerovo
    Jul 26, 2015 at 10:31

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