We have 3 states for Users: Active, Invited and Disabled. Each user with the specific state is broken into a different tab. For example:


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This shows the Active users list. When Invited is selected, only pending invitations are shown. And when Disabled is selected, only disabled users are shown.

The Invite Users button is visible on all 3 of the state tabs. When clicked, the user is taken to a form to enter one or many emails to invite:


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When Send Invitations is clicked, the user is redirected to the Invited tab and shown a message:


download bmml source

Is it correct to redirect to the Invited tab regardless of which tab they were originally on?

Or, should the user be redirected to their initial tab from which they clicked the Invite Users button (Active, Invited or Disabled)? Is the user their original context by being redirected to the Invited tab?

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I agree with your decision to display the "invited" tab after the invitations are sent. Confirmation is huge aspect of UX that only gets noticed when it's not there. You've handled this using the dialogue box, but by showing the user the invited tab, you also inform them that they can check on the status of invitations in this view.

However, if the user is able to access this invitation button from another aspect of the site, then they should be returned to their original location upon completion (with the dialogue box).

  • Thanks. By "another aspect of the site", you're not referring to the Active or Disabled tabs are you? Jul 17, 2015 at 18:22
  • No, I meant another page. Users may be confused if they don't return back to their original task.
    – Alan
    Jul 17, 2015 at 18:23

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