Let me explain the context. The user has a list of Factories. Each Factory produce 1 to 5 Resources. For producing a resource, the factory consume 1 to 3 resources.

I need to give an overview of all the resources produced and consumed for a selected factory.

I don't known how to properly manage it. I thought about a production grid with a sub-grid for consumption, but I don't find it very clear... See the rough wireframe below:


download bmml source – Wireframes created with Balsamiq Mockups

Could you please help me to make a clear and understandable overview for this production/consumption dashboard?

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The grid sounds like the safest thing to do. What you have there is quite fine and I have seen it in a lot of applications, so I won't give you suggestions for that.

I will instead provide you with some more daring alternatives that cross into the realm of data visualization.

The data you have there involves factories, products and resources. I don't know if two factories produce the same product or if two products use the same resource, or to be more specific, if the relationships map to a tree or a graph.

So I will provide you a solution for each case:

  1. Sunburst chart

    You can place the factories in the center, the products in the middle layer and the resources on the outside. This maps very well for a tree-like data structure, but can work very well for a graph, by coloring the shared products/resources with consistent colors.

    enter image description here

  2. Flow diagram (Sankey Diagram)

    You can place the factories to the left, the products in the middle and the resources to the right. This one works for a graph-like data structure.

    enter image description here

They are both quantitative representations and this means you can get a sense of the data just by looking at the screen, instead of comparing numbers.

Another advantage is the interactivity both support : highlighting, filtering, sorting.

There is software support for both of them, if you are interested, I can sugest you some libraries as well.

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