Is it more common to place the "Rate this app" prompt to be triggered when the user has made it to a certain point in the app (after beating a certain level, gaining access to a certain tab, etc). Or is is more common to have the prompt on a timer and just go off after the user has been using the app for a certain period of time and is in a place where a message won't interrupt their session.

Are their pro's and con's of each or is only one practice really executed?


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You should not interrupt the user's flow. Frequently asking to rate the app is bad.

If the user beats some level there will be a positive vibe in him. Utilize this vibe and ask him to rate the app. "Congratulations Dude(or user_name),That was awesome!! Would you mind taking a moment to rate us?"

A swipe banner is always better than a popup.

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    Then again, I've never followed a popup or banner to rate an app. If I want to rate it, it's either because I think it's especially good or has some important flaw. I don't rate an app just because it tells me to.
    – mginn
    Jul 17, 2015 at 12:59

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