I have a web application that has been responsively designed for mobile. While in a parent container you can apply filters to sort children. I am debating between two design types.

Option A:

This is a typical dropdown menu overlaying on top of child elements

enter image description here

Option B:

This is a native style option when the menu comes up from the bottom and an overlay over the children focuses the users attention on the menu items.

enter image description here

Arguably option A follows traditional browser paradigms while option b follows more native mobile UX. It has been 50/50 on the which way to go, is there a specific way I should look at this while building a browser web application?

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Luke Wroblewski takes this a step further and claims that on mobile, "Dropdowns should be the UI of last resort", citing factors such as:

  • Number of taps required
  • Impact on the look and feel
  • Visual and cognitive noise
  • Perceived ease of use

Note that he does not talk about "desktop-model dropdown vs. mobile-model dropdown". He says that even the mobile-model dropdown should be ditched in favor of more appropriate controls, where possible (in some cases in may not be possible).

  • That is a very interesting article thanks for the link. However in this situation due to the amount of content of the page I do not think it is possible to have anything except a dropdown. Even if I could change it I dont think I am allowed, so in this case it really comes down to the 2 options Jun 30, 2015 at 10:05

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