I am building an app that offers a service that aggregates various information to a user's mobile.

I want users to register when they download the app but am worried there might be a bigger drop off than if I offer a limited service immediately.

How can I investigate this further and what do you think I should do?

  • I would suggest you to describe the situation somewhat in more details so that giving answer to it will be easier. Jun 9, 2015 at 9:26

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Does registering add value to the user? Personally, my recommended path for apps is:

  • Provide immediate value to user, even if the value is limited
  • Add more value when a user registers
  • Make sure registering is as simple as possible (username/pwd or social login)
  • If you want to collect more information about users (such as asking them to complete an account profile), add value in proportion to the information they provide

Did you consider the following options?

  1. Simple registration: Just email and password. Let the users fill in the rest of the profile later (you have to seduce the them to do so).
  2. Social login: Use Facebook, Google or Twitter login.
  3. Limited use without registration: Let the users have a taste of the app, with limited use and no registration. They have to register for full use.

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