Is the black iOS keyboard used to indicate that the form is secure?

There seems to be suggestions that it is the case but I can not find a clear answer within any guidelines and have seen the black keyboard used within apps.

Tia, Simon


I have done some research, but I haven't found a clear answer.

My answer for this question is: For the apple guidelines the black keyboard is not used for indicate a secure form.

iOS, being a privacy- and security-first operating system, does place some limitations on custom keyboards. First, by default they have to keep everything local to the device. That's to prevent key-logging activity. (Where a malicious app steals what you're typing.) If the keyboard does want to add server-side intelligence (which can improve the system), it has to ask your express permission. Apple will then warn you about the app having access to your credit card or street address information, but let you go ahead if you choose to.

What's more, whenever you move to a secure password field, third party keyboards are temporarily disabled and the standard iOS 8 keyboard is presented instead. This is not only to prevent key-loggers, but to prevent anyone at all from having any access to your passwords whatsoever.

Apple will no doubt also provide appropriate toggles in the Settings app should we wish to change our minds later.

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